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Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati
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Schools, day camps, adult groups, senior groups, and any other groups are invited to experience history and fire-safety education in our restored firehouse by taking a tour. The Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati is happy to host a tour for your group of 10 or more visitors. You may choose to have your tour led by a trained museum guide, or choose to browse the museum in a self-guided tour. Tours led by a trained museum guide begin at 10 a.m. and at 1 p.m. Other times are available by request. Call (513) 621-5553 for reservations and details.

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Museum Hours & Admission Rates

Tuesdays  through Saturdays   10AM to 4PM


 Admission Rates:

Individual Prices: Adults: $8 Seniors: (62+): $6 Children: (7–17): $6

Children: (6 and younger): FREE (with admission of an adult or senior) 

Group Rates for 10 or more by request.  

(513) 621-5553




Fire-Safety Tips

No one ever expects to be the victim of a fire. But if it ever happens to you, you can be prepared then by learning fire-safety tips now. Discover these key fire-safety tips to help yourself and others stay safe.

Learn Important Fire-Safety Tips

Firefighter Profile

What Does It Take to Be a Firefighter?

Before becoming a certified firefighter, you must demonstrate an ability to cope with the strenuous mental and physical demands of the job.

In order to become a firefighter, you must:

  • Pass agility tests that include activities such as running up a ladder, vaulting a railing, and then rushing to a seventh-floor level.
  • Raise one end of an 85-pound ladder overhead to arm's length—twice—and then carry a 125-pound dummy across a floor, up a flight of stairs, and down a ramp. During this test, you must carry equipment weighing 85 pounds to the seventh floor during a given time limit.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Firefighter

Today's firefighter is a highly trained, specialized professional. He or she must be experienced in the use of complex techniques and equipment in order to combat fires. Today's firefighter must be prepared to battle fire anywhere: on the 20th floor of a high-rise building, in the crawl space of a factory warehouse, or beside the main tank of an oil refinery.

In the dead of a winter night, today's firefighter must be prepared to battle searing heat and numbing ice. During a clear midsummer day, the firefighter must be prepared to run through pitch-black smoke.

Firefighters know that the safety of the community and the lives of other firefighters depend on their performance.

Firefighting is tough, demanding work. It requires strength, endurance, intelligence, and courage.

Do you want to earn the title of "firefighter"?