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Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati
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Museum Features

Artifact Collection

The Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati opened to the public in 1980. Since then, people have come from all over the United States—and even from many foreign countries—to learn about the proud history of firefighting in our country.

The artifact collection is a big reason crowds gather at the Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati. It contains unique items that help outline the evolution of firefighting in Cincinnati and across the country.

Highlights from this artifact collection include:

  • Thomas Tucker Leather Fire Bucket
    • Dates back to: 1850
    • Early Cincinnati fire ordinances stated that all able men had to own and maintain one of these fire buckets with their name on it.
  • Fire-Alarm Drum
    • Dates back to: 1808 to 1824
    • Prior to other fire communication advancements, this gigantic drum served as a fire alarm when it sounded from the top of a carpenter shop on Walnut Street in downtown Cincinnati.
  • Ahrens-Fox Steam Pumper
    • Dates back to: 1884
    • Originally from: Aurora, IN